A Guide To Tile Slip Resistance

When buying tiles, it’s important that you choose the right ones to suit your individual tiling needs. Whether you’re installing large tiles or small tiles, if you’re installing them into a wet area it’s important to know the slip resistance of the tile before you choose it. For those who are unsure, here’s a guide to the slip resistance of tiles.

Slip Resistant Rating Guide.

The slip resistance of a tile is the measurement of the tiles coefficient of friction. This is known as the C.O.F rating. The COF rating refers to the tiles natural slip resistance and is generally measured by how far an object can slide across the surface area. This is measured by the force that’s required to slide divided by the weight of the object. If the number of the C.O.F is low this means that the friction and traction is less than adequate to stop sliding. If the C.O.F rating is high this means that the floor will provide more friction and will be less slippery.

For standard residential applications a .50 C.O.F rating is required. When buying for bathrooms it’s always important to take special care in getting a tile that has a good slip resistant rating as this will help you to avoid accidents when walking on them.


When it comes to large tiles there’s so many different things that you need to consider in order to get the right tile. So have you found a tile that has a good slip resistance for your bathroom?




Best Practises For Choosing Your Next Tile

Choosing the perfect tile for your individual needs is important. When it comes to choosing tiles, there’s a few things that you can consider in order to create a tile effect that’s perfect for your individual needs. Here’s a guide to some of the things you can consider when purchasing tiles for your next renovation.

  1. Contrast or Compliment – When choosing a feature tile, it’s important to contrast it against the other tiles in the room. If the wall colours are dark, then contrast it with a lighter tile for the feature area. If you feel this is way too bold then work on your overall tone of the tiles as this will help to create an even appearance throughout the room.
  2. Go Natural – Natural tiles such as concrete effect tiles and stone tiles have a way to bring a more natural look to a home. This helps to create more of a luxurious and expensive feel within a room. It can also bring the value of the home up greatly overall.
  3. Add A Visual Appeal – Adding 3D tiles is a great way to help show texture, light and shadow. When pairing these types of tiles, it’s always good to compliment them with a matching colour and a simple tile as this will create the best drama in a room.


Finding tiles is all about choosing the right ones for your individual needs. By using these tips above, you can easily find the perfect tiles for your needs. What tiles did you choose?

Why Mosaics Are A Great Choice For Homes

Mosaic tiles are used in homes right across the UK to create a unique look when installed. When it comes to mosaics, there’s so many different reasons why they’re a great choice for homes. If you’re undecided whether you should go with mosaics, the following is a guide to why they’re a fantastic choice amongst many homes and why you should install them.

  1. Beautiful FinishMosaic tiles can provide a lovely and beautiful finish when installed. This is because you can create amazing patterns which are unique to your own home. To create a beautiful finish with mosaic tiles all you need is a bit of imagination and some creativity.
  2. Long Lasting – Mosaic tiles are long lasting and can generally withstand against heavy wear and tear applications. They’re suitable for high foot traffic areas and can also be used around fireplaces because of their fire resistant design.
  3. Different Available Colours – Mosaics are also available in different colours and patterns to choose from, this is great for those who may want to add some additional flare and colour to a tiling project. You can also mix and match the colours easily with mosaics.


Mosaics are a great choice amongst many homes. Whether you’re in the market for something colourful or you just want to be unique with a lovely design, mosaics are the best option to choose. So are you in the market to tile your bathroom? Are you considering mosaic tiles?



How Will I know If I’ve Made A Sound Investment When Buying Bifold

Installing bifolding doors within any home is a great way to make a solid investment that can improve the quality of a home greatly. But how do you know if the investment is a right one? For those considering the installation of bi fold doors London, it’s important to know what you’ll be getting from them in return when installing them. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting now.

  1. Increased Property Value – An increase in the overall property value is something that you’ll get when you’ve install them. These doors have the ability to enhance the property value greatly which is perfect for those who are looking to improve the property value of their home.
  2. Increased Quality Design – Bi-fold doors can offer increased quality design over other types of doors because of their heavy duty construction. These doors are generally made from high quality materials which promote a quality design and finish that can complement any home with ease.
  3. Increase Security – Bifolding doors have a way to increase the security of a home with their locking mechanism. These doors have the ability to offer more security than other types of doors making them a solid investment in crime related areas. This is great for a large variety of applications that require additional security and safety.


Bifold doors are a great investment option for any home owner in many parts of the world. So are you going to install them into your home?

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing is a term that’s used in many industries such as IT support companies Sussex which can be confusing for many people new to this term. The term cloud computing is refered to as computing on the internet. So how does cloud computing actually work you ask? Well let’s take a look now at how cloud computing solutions actually work.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud hosting generally works by applying both high performance computing power, such as those that’s seen in research facilities and military applications to perform trillions of computations per second in application that are consumer oriented such as financial portfolios to provide storage of data, to deliver personalised and customized information, or to power large online games.

In order for cloud computing to do this, it requires the use of large group server networks which run lower cost consumer PC technology with a specialised connection to spread the chores of data processing between them all. This shared IT infrastructure contains larger system pools that are linked all together. Along with this, visualisation techniques are often used to help with producing more power to the system.


Cloud computing is beneficial for a great deal of reasons. Whether you want reliable IT solutions for your business or you just want to improve your business production, cloud computing can help you. So are you looking to use cloud computing services soon? Have you found a provider that’s just right for your individual needs?

Top Kitchen Layout Mistakes You Want To Avoid

When designing your kitchen layout, it’s important to avoid making some of the common mistakes that first time renovators make. Designing your bespoke kitchens Sussex is a big task and requires some careful planning. For those who are deciding to do it alone, this quick guide will give you some of the mistakes to avoid when designing your kitchen.

  1. Not Completing The Kitchen Triangle – The sink, stove and the refrigerator is what’s classed as the kitchen triangle. Many people make the mistake of not keeping this triangle in the kitchen. By not doing this your kitchen will be more chaotic resulting in an ineffective kitchen design. Always use the triangle layout.
  2. Wasting Storage Space – Many people don’t use the opportunity to incorporate a large amount of storage space within the design. Wasting storage space is one of the major things that many people do. Always be open to adding more storage to your kitchen than not enough. You can’t go wrong with additional storage space.
  3. Not Enough Bench Space – The bench space is important to make everything run smoothly. Not having enough bench space is a large mistake that many people make. Always try and incorporate as much bench space as possible to really improve your kitchen design.


When it comes to creating a brand new kitchen you want to get it right the first time. By incorporating these great tips into your design of the mistakes you should avoid you can really enhance your overall design for the better. So where you about to make any of these mistakes?

Colour Printing Vs Black and White

Printers are used every day when it comes to advertising and other applications. The problem is when advertising how do you know which type of colour choice is the right one for your individual needs. Generally, in the printing world there are two types of printing versions; colour and black and white. When using printers in west Sussex it’s important to know the difference between black and white, and colour so you can make an informed decision.

Black And White – While it may sound like two colours, black and white printing is actually one colour. Black ink but it’s printed on white paper. This can also be referred to as one colour printing.

Colour Printing – Colour printing encompasses multiple printing colours when used. Generally, these colours are magenta, cyan, yellow and black.

Advertising Vs Colours

When it comes to advertising and choosing the right colours, it really comes down to a number of things. These include your business, your personal taste, and the type of document that you’re looking to create.

Business cards and other flyers are generally printed in colour to bring more attention to themselves. While on the other hand newspapers generally feature black and white printing with colour images because it’s the best colours to read with.


When it comes to choosing your line of colours for your printer needs always take into account the readability and how well you want it seen. So what colour are you going to print with?


What To Look Out For When Visiting Mechanics

Taking your vehicle to the mechanic is something that should be done regularly. Mercedes repairs are very important to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently at all times. However, when you go to the mechanics there’s some things they won’t tell you. Here’s what to remember and look out for when seeing your mechanic.

  1. Watch out for any scare tactics. Mechanics that really place emphasis on the negative like ‘I won’t drive it another mile’ should be viewed with a suspicion mind.
  2. Never be afraid to ask questions about the business or what’s wrong with your vehicle. Some mechanics won’t want to go into detail. These mechanics should be red flagged. Always make sure you know what’s wrong with your vehicle so you can reflect it on the invoice.
  3. Don’t ever sign a blank authorization form as this can lead you into spending more than you had hoped for. Always sign one that features the estimates and details on it.
  4. When you go for a second opinion make sure you don’t tell the new mechanic about what price or problems the other mechanic found. This will give you a better indication of what the new mechanic would really offer than trying to match the last quote.


When it comes to Mercedes repairs, it’s important to get it done right by a good mechanic. By taking the time to know what to look out for or avoid you can make the right decision. So have you found a good mechanic?






Top Bookkeeping Tips You Should Use

Record keeping or bookkeeping is a must do when it comes to any business. Any accountant Kent will tell you that to be on top of what your business is doing you need to keep a good record of it. Many start-ups tend to neglect their books; this can cause major problems. Here are the top bookkeeping tips that you can use for your small business.

Bookkeeping Tips For Small Businesses

  1. Allocate some time each week that you can devote to getting your books up to date.
  2. Open a brand new bank account especially for your business expenses and earnings to keep better track of them.
  3. Get some accounting software to help you manage your accounts more and that suits your business to help organize things.
  4. Check and make sure all your tax compliance obligations are right.
  5. Keep a record of your receipts
  6. Hire a bookkeeper or accountant to manage your books for you. In hiring an accountant in Kent you have the potential to get more advice as well along the way.
  7. Keep an eye on your books especially the income and the outgo to know whether you’re spending too much or whether you have enough to pay people.


When it comes to bookkeeping for small businesses there are many different things that you need to consider to make everything run smoothly. By following these tips, you have a great chance of being a successful business overall. Did these tips come in handy?